Homeschool Conference Topics

Getting Started in Your Homeschooling Journey

In this powerful keynote Julie will guide your attendees through the complex and sometimes daunting steps to begin their homeschool journey. She will relieve their fears by sharing not just her personal experience of 16 years as a homeschooling parent but she combines that with her knowledge of neuroscience. She will lift your audience and build their confidence.

  • Remove the reasons for self-doubt and fear connected with homeschooling
  • Discover how to create a stress free environment
  • Build your own plan that fits YOUR family the best
  • Uncover strategies to develop a confident mindset for homeschool success

Enjoying Your Homeschooling Journey

This presentation takes a look at some of the obstacles we homeschoolers come up against and how to overcome them.  Julie will remind attendees of the reasons they started this journey in the first place. They will come away empowered to continue on the greatest trip they could ever take.

  • Identify the true source of the obstacles
  • Refresh your view of this amazing journey
  • Establish a plan to deal with homeschool overwhelm

How the Brain Learns Best

This topic takes a look at breaking the traditional view of what education looks like. Julie blows wide open the traditional methods used in teaching and gives a fresh approach to instruction that will keep your children engaged. When you teach the way the brain learns best the results are AMAZING!

  • Find out why learning process is more important than where your schoolroom is.
  • Accelerate learning in brain friendly way
  • Capture the interest of your child so that they WANT to do school work
  • Develop that skills to think out of the box and have fun!

Get inside Your Child’s Head, Teaching with the Brain in Mind-The Introverted and Extroverted Brain

What is Introversion/Extroversion (I/E) level? Do you know? Understanding the true implication of where your child’s brain is an important piece of teaching in a way that their brain will not become overwhelmed or bored. Brain Lady Julie shares her expertise and knowledge on the brain to teach you techniques for educating the introverted and the extroverted brain.

  • Gain insight on the brain based reason for the introverted and extroverted child
  • Eliminate the stigma attached to the introvert and the extrovert
  • Succeed in teaching both extremes

Get inside Your Child’s Head, Teaching With the Brain In Mind-Learning Styles

This workshop is important for all homeschooling parents. Understanding how the brain communicates and learns is vital for all relationships. This is of extra importance when we consider communicating with and homeschooling children and adolescents. In this fun and interactive presentation Julie will help your attendee’s gain the skills teach each to each of the learning styles.

  • Fully understand the differences in the three learning/communication styles.
  • Choose teaching materials that will fit all the learning styles
  • Succeed in teaching the auditory, visual, and kinesthetic brain

Get inside Your Child’s Head, Teaching with the Brain in Mind-Boy Brain, Girl Brain How are They Different?

Did you know that the left side of a little girl’s brain is more developed at birth than that of a little boy’s? Do you fully understand the difference in the male and female brain? Do you know how to teach with this in mind? Julie will help your attendees understand, appreciate and adjust their teaching accordingly.

  • See how science helps us understand the brain strengths of both genders
  • Learn how to foster those individual gender strengths
  • Skillfully teach both genders

Making the Grade:

Why is it that some children seem to be natural learners and others struggle to understand the simplest of concepts? This is one of the most frustrating things for parents to switch gears in teaching multiple children. Julie will reveal how neuroscience can assist us in understanding just why this happens and how to set up your expectations accordingly.

  • Discover why a “C” for some children is the same as an “A” for others.
  • Identify what your child’s Brain Quadrant Dominance is.
  • Nurture the brain of each child individually

Listen to Julie’s audio on homeschooling below: