Why Julie "The Brain Lady" Speaker?

Julie’s incredible understanding of the brain, the brain personality connection, and human nature makes her the ultimate life, business, relationship coach and corporate consultant.
Corporate Topics
The Neuroscience of Leadership-Great Leaders Use Their B.R.A.I.N. Brain Lady Julie makes complicated neuroscience and neuropsychology fascinating, functional, and FUN!
The Neuroscience of Leadership; Dealing With Difficult People; Build a Brain Based Team With Ultimate Success in Mind; The Neuroscience of Sales; Create a Brain Friendly Business Culture
Entrepreneur Topics
The Neuroscience of Entrepreneurial Success. What does it take to achieve the peak of business success? Maximizing your natural brain gifts and stepping into your power.
The Neuroscience of the Success Mindset; Train Your Brain for Success; Workspace by Brain Design; The Neuroscience of Building a Successful Business; The Neuroscience of Sales; The Neuroscience of Networking Success; The Neuroscience of Personalities.
Women's Topics
Step into your power. Rock your natural gifts. Many women are frustrated that they are not achieving the level of success in life that they desire…
The Neuroscience of Success; The Neuroscience of Personalities; The Neuroscience of Relationships; The Neuroscience of Work Life Balance; The Neuroscience of Marriage Success; The Neuroscience of Parenting.

“Julie's session was mind opening. One of my favorite sessions to date!” - David Campbell, COO Optimal Networks

No need to look any further for your next keynote speaker or workshop facilitator. Brain Lady Julie will inspire your attendees and employees to fire up their brains for positive action and success!

Julie Anderson will take your company to the next level by...

Guiding world class leaders to greater success

Creating better leaders, getting better results

Training your corporate team for improved communication and performance

Assisting your workers to thrive at work and manage stress

Reduce sick days, employee turnover, and improve customer satisfaction

Creating a corporate culture where employees are heard and engaged


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Educate and excite your audience!

Brain Lady Julie makes the complicated science of neuropsychology fascinating and fun. She brings energy and excitement to the audience while she shares practical ways to use this information to create a leadership team that ROCKS! Play video for a taste of what Julie can present.

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