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5 Keys to Successful and Profitable Networking

Networking is a critical component for business success, and, yet, many professionals do not know how to successfully network. In this presentation Julie the Brain Lady shares her years of experience and knowledge of the networking world combined with an understanding of what makes people tick to reveal the keys that will take your groups networking to a whole new level.

  • Identify the best networking venues for you and your business
  • Develop the skills to make a lasting impression to all personality types
  • Learn how to walk away with valuable connections.

Step into Your Power and Rock Your Natural Gifts

Many entrepreneurs find themselves in a constant state of constant overwhelm. They become frustrated because they feel they aren’t achieving the level of success in life and business that they desire. In this powerful keynote Julie explains why this happens and what to do about it.

  • Uncover the true reason why frustration and overwhelm are common to entrepreneurs
  • Discover the key to unlocking your potential through the science behind psychology.
  • Explore ways to manage external pressures and self-doubt.
  • Find the freedom and power that ROCKING your natural, innate gifts will provide

Increase Sales through Improved Communication

A vital piece of every business is sales. In a fun and functional way Julie “Brain Lady” Anderson will unveil the different factors to the brain and communication. This invaluable information will lead to greater success in sales and therefore a healthier bottom line for your business.

  • Access your clients’ needs based on their brain
  • Identify what your potential customer wants to see, feel, and hear
  • Create an instant rapport with your client by speaking to their brain personality type
  • Skillfully overcome obstacles and build a strong rapport
  • Increase your bottom line and overall profitability

Create a Brain Friendly Workplace

Can neuroscience help your business run more efficiently and help create a greater profit margin? Absolutely. In this workshop Julie “Brain Lady” Anderson will present the latest research on how to create a work environment that will facilitate greater success in your business from the inside out.

  • Implement daily activities that fosters greater creativity
  • Ignite your brain to work for you
  • Create a work environment that is sure to improve your focus and efficiency

Want Success? Use Your Brain.

When you are an entrepreneur who is creating your own empire, understanding the brain personality connection can make the difference between success and failure. In this presentation Julie will reveal how developing the skills on how to best use this amazing asset, your brain, is the difference between creating a financially profitable business and one that barely survives. In addition learn how to reach the brains of you potential clients in a way that THEY need to hear, see, or feel your message.

  • Identify your natural Brain Personality Connection
  • Gain communication skills to close those sales and keep those clients
  • See how maximizing your brain strengths will lead to greater success
  • Build a plan and a team for optimal productivity
  • Develop the skills to create a brain that is on fire with activity and creativity