How to Use Mind Mapping for More Successful Group Meetings

August 25, 2015

We have all been there. You know those group meetings where you struggle to keep the focus and attention of your team. Those meetings that were scheduled for 30 min, yet lasted 2 hours, and NOTHING was accomplished. The meeting where every employee walks away with action steps then 2 days later everyone forgets what they were.

Let’s face it, sometimes talking over details and delegating projects and following up is not always the easiest or fun thing to do. Especially when the results miss the mark.

The question then is: How do you create a meeting that is engaging, interactive, and productive?

The solution: Use your brain and Mind Map it!

Yes, Mind Mapping can be the answer to the challenge. When I work with companies to assist them in creating a better way of communication throughout their company, just one of the invaluable tools that I teach is Mind Mapping.

There are two main reasons why.

  1. Using mind mapping is a brain friendly way to deliver important information. The old way of outlining the points has been shown through neuroscience research to be an ineffective way to engage the brain or create memories that are easily accessed.
  2. Mind Mapping adds in visuals that a greater number of people can relate to. Statistically only 20% of the population are what you call auditory sensory modalities. The remaining portion of the population are visuals or kinesthetic .This means that all those words written from left to right on a piece of paper are being processed with ease for only 20% of your room. Don’t you want higher numbers? Plus the brain remembers details better with pictures. When you are trained to Mind Map properly the brain of everyone in the room can have a visual that sticks in their mind and is more easily recalled.

When it comes to the effectiveness of your company through meetings, and you are planning your next event, you might want to add in to your next managers meeting or sales training the skills of Mind Mapping their action or to do list.

While immersed in this training, company leaders will learn the techniques connected to this skill providing a visual tool that is easily understood and easily seen every day to help keep your employees on track and more productive.

Yes, Mind Mapping is a simple step that once mastered can have HUGE results.